Wanderspace / Zwerfruimte, by RE-ST
Vormpje Vormpje Vormpje Vormpje

Wanderspace / Zwerfruimte, by RE-ST Hardcover

Why do we build more than we need? While open spaces are becoming more and more scarce, we continue to overlook the possibilities of what has already been built. With this publication, RE-ST puts the unnecessary growth of our building.

Binding: Threadsewn coldglue hardcover.
Trim flushed and coloured edges.
The book has the same dimensions and colour as a brick, due to the subject.

Publisher: NAI010 uitgevers Rotterdam
Design: Sarah Schrauwen
Print: NPN drukkers Breda
Binding: Boekbinderij Brepols
Coloured edges: Critis


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