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Brepols bookbinders is an international bindery for perfect bound and sewn hardcovers and softcovers, such as photobooks, artbooks, cookbooks, productcatalogs, diaries and architecturebooks. Bookbinding is in our genes. After all, we have over 200 years experience. Brepols bookbinders produces approximately six million books per year commissioned by printers and approximately five million diaries for our own publising house.



Want to meet?
Marianne Lippens | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Marianne Lippens
Just because we love books.
Sofie Van Gompel | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Sofie Van Gompel
Putting a book in the spotlight, that’s what we’re going for.
Patrick Bakermans | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Patrick Bakermans
Together making beautiful books.
Willem Vangeel | Hexspoor E-fulfilment
Willem Vangeel
Making beautiful books, a craft, a passion.