The New Era. An Hommage to Japan.
Vormpje Vormpje Vormpje Vormpje

The New Era. An Hommage to Japan. Japanese binding

The first publication by artist Anne Stijnen.
Her work was made in her studio in Tokyo from April to May 2019 - but also in the Netherlands in the period that followed, together with the photography made in Japan, bundled in a book.

All her work from THE 和 'THE NEW ERA' combined.
This book shows all her work from this project.Her artwork, inspired by Japan. Her photography, her inspiration from Japan.
The whole story.

A special book that shows you more about her work as an artist, but also Japanese culture, which are seamlessly intertwined.

Tielen, Boxtel (NL)

Perfect bound cold glue
Japanese folded - 20 sections of 12 pages
American dust jacket


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